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Small Box Adela (USED| Double Wall| 10pcs) 420 x 230 x 220mm ..
RM21.20 Ex Tax: RM20.00
Small Box Parata (USED| Single Wall| 10pcs) 390 x 220 x 110mm ..
RM10.60 Ex Tax: RM10.00
Once Used Large Size Corrugated Carton/ Second Hand Carton Box Large Size 610 x 520 x 410mm (L x ..
RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM50.00
Brand New Medium Size Corrugated Carton Thickness: Double Wall (5 Ply | 5mm) Measurement: 440 ..
RM53.00 Ex Tax: RM50.00
Medium Size Corrugated Carton Box Suitable for moving house, office, documents, storage and etc. ..
RM74.20 Ex Tax: RM70.00