New Corrugated Carton

New Corrugated Carton
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Very Mini Box XXS Size - 10 pieces in a set ..
RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00
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Mini Box ST2 (NEW| Double wall| 10pcs) 140 x 130 x 130mm ..
RM26.00 Ex Tax: RM26.00
Brand New A4 Size Small Corrugated Carton Box Thickness: Single Wall (3 Ply | 3mm) Measuremen..
RM30.00 Ex Tax: RM30.00
Brand New Medium Size Corrugated Carton Thickness: Double Wall (5 Ply | 5mm) Measurement: 440 ..
RM50.00 Ex Tax: RM50.00
Medium Size Corrugated Carton Box Suitable for moving house, office, documents, storage and etc. ..
RM70.00 Ex Tax: RM70.00
Brand New Large Size Corrugated Carton Box Double Layer/ Double Wall S..
RM85.00 Ex Tax: RM85.00
Jumbo Box XXL - Jumbo Size Extra Large Cargo Box For Shipping & Moving (Bulk Box) Measurement..
RM13.00 Ex Tax: RM13.00
MEGA Box XXXL - Mega Size Extra Large Cargo Box For Shipping & Moving (Bulk Box) Measurement:..
RM24.00 Ex Tax: RM24.00
Small Gift Box KSE (Die Cut Box with cover) Size: 220 x 210 x 150mm (L x W x H) Package: 10 pc..
RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00
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