Simple Ways To Save Cost For Your Business

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Simple Ways To Save Cost For Your Business

As a startup company, we are constantly looking for different ways to save cost for our business. As a result, we maximised every single expenditure to make sure we spend it wisely.

One thing we can help businesses in saving cost is packaging materials. Even though it might not cost a lot, but when the quantity increases, it will add up burden to the cost of your daily operation.

There are a few simple ways to save cost in packaging:

1. Choose Once Used Carton Boxes

  • It's cheaper and more environmental friendly.
  • You can get more with the same budget you spent for new carton boxes.

2. Maximise your packaging box

  • Use a suitable sized box so that you can fit in the adequate amount of products and waste no space inside.

3. Do not overpack your product

  • Choose your packaging materials wisely, do not overpack a single product with multiple layers of boxes, foam, bubble wrap or plastics. 

4. Order more to get wholesale price

  • Avoid buying everything at retail price, this will add up your total operating cost. Negotiate for bulk purchase and store it for future use. You may save more time travelling through and forth for shopping as well.


Here are some simple ways for cost saving for your next packaging exercise, we hope that these tips helped and we wish your business grow bigger! 

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