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Small Size Used Carton Box Bary (Double Wall) 300 x 200 x 250mm

Small Size Used Carton Box Bary (Double Wall) 300 x 200 x 250mm
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Small Size Used Carton Box Bary (Double Wall) 300 x 200 x 250mm
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Small Size Once Used Carton Box 
Kotak Terpakai Saiz Kecil

Code/ Kod: Bary

Thickness/ Ketebalan: Double wall 5mm

Size/ Saiz: 300 x 200 x 250mm (L x W x H)

Condition/ Kondisi:
Once Used/ Clean/ Odorless
Terpakai sekali/ Bersih/ Tiada Bau

Suitable for online business parcel packaging/ Sesuai untuk pembungkusan barang perniagaan online/ Shopee & Lazada sellers

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