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Jumbo Size New Carton Box XL (Double Wall) Kotak Pindah Rumah Saiz Besar 487 x 487 x 505mm

Jumbo Size New Carton Box XL (Double Wall) Kotak Pindah Rumah Saiz Besar 487 x 487 x 505mm
Jumbo Size New Carton Box XL (Double Wall) Kotak Pindah Rumah Saiz Besar 487 x 487 x 505mm
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Sometimes life gets jumbo, and there's no way around it. Whether you're moving house or office, making your place feel like home again after a break-up, or getting ready to fart in front of your date's parents for the first time, this extra large box is here to make things easier. Innovative 'easy' packaging means that it isn't too much trouble - just pull up the end tab on top for easy opening!

Introducing the Jumbo Size Corrugated Carton Box, perfect for moving heavy items!

Size: 487 x 487 x 505mm (L x W x H)

Thickness: Double wall 5mm

Maximum load weight: 40kg

Condition: Brand new 


If you are moving, why not give us a call, or place your order online here with us. We will get it delivered straight to your door, saving you lots of time and energy, so that you could spend more time sipping a cup of tea or coffee with your love ones. After all, providing full service in carton box and packaging supplies is our forte.


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